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Tionna Bishop is the founder and owner of Bishops Coffee & Tea. She launched her brand Bishops Coffee & Tea in June of 2007. Bishop’s brand has been a success. In 2009 Bishop began experimenting with electric roasting, which produces coffee with low acidity and a smooth profile.

“I have made this my passion in life. I am learning more every day with new insight to it all. I love what I do and I hope others will as well.”
~ Bishop


Dark Roast Blends – Brazil, Ethiopia, Queens Blend, Colombia, and Sumatra

Medium Roast Blends – Costa Rica Tarrazu, Honduras Estate and Tanzania Peaberry

Light Roast Blends – Mexico Altura and Peru


Herbal Tea – Bombay Chai, Chamomile Flowers, I’m Not Sick Tea, Vanilla Mystique, and Rooibos Herbal

Black Tea – Casablanca Herbal, Ceylon Black/Licorice Root, Chai Spice, Earl Grey & Lavender, English Breakfast, Lapsang Souchang and Lover’s Leap

Oolong Tea – Coconut Oolong and Kuan Yin Oolong

Green Tea – Dragon Well, Jasmine Pearls and Moroccan Mint

White Tea – Silver Needle and White Peach