Tionna Bishop Tionna Bishop is the founder and owner of Bishops Coffee & Tea. A native of Berkeley, California, Bishop is a multiracial African American woman born to a Scottish father and African American mother.

Bishop has over 27 years of experience in the coffee industry. Bishop’s paternal grandfather had an important role in her becoming a coffee roaster. At the age of 13 her grandfather introduced her to his good friend Mateo, who was a propane coffee roaster. It would be across her grandfather’s boat yard in Richmond, California that Bishop would start apprenticing, at the age of 17, at Rosemary’s bakery. Rosemary’s taught her how to bake decadent desserts, breakfast goods, and how to propane roast using the “crack of bean” method, the manual roasting technique of master roasters. Bishop worked in several cafes and coffee shops around the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Bishop would move to Atlanta to attend the Cappelli Institute. With influence from her much accomplished mentor of SBDC Florida, she moved to Destin Florida at the age of 28. In 2004 Bishop launched her online E-commerce site, retailing coffees and teas. She then launched her brand Bishops Coffee & Tea website in June of 2007. Bishop’s brand has been a success. In 2009 Bishop partnered with Richard Harris, the master roaster of a competitor. Richard taught Bishop the way of electric roasting, which produces coffee with low acidity and a smooth profile. In 2010 Bishop launched her first Bishop’s Coffee & Tea retail store in Mary Esther Florida, and in 2012 Bishop’s Coffee & Tea opened a retail location in Pensacola Florida. Since 2012 Bishop’s brand has also been on the shelves of The Fresh Market in Tallahassee, Destin, Pensacola, Daphne Alabama, and New Orleans.

Bishop’s Coffee and Tea has been very successful and is the only micro batch roaster in the Southeast region of the United States. With the help of Regal Food Brokerage Bishop is now looking to expand into the Texas regional market.

“I have made this my passion in life. I am learning more every day with new insight to it all. I love what I do and I hope others will as well.”
~ Bishop