Bishop’s Coffee & Tea is proud to support the following causes:

  • 10% to aid a wellness retreat center, where we focus on healthy eating, mental & spiritual refocus thru yoga & meditation. Proceeds will help re-establish the centering of the individual. Excess funding Bishops will give stipend to those in need for use of clothing/food / housing if necessary. Those suffering from any kind of addiction, whether it is drugs or alcohol, may attend the rehabilitation facility.
  • 10% donated annually from all of the e-commerce proceeds to aid in renewable resources for farming in both the United States and globally to areas of the world that aren’t currently able to grow fresh products. We provide a starter kit to grow and sustain product, which includes soil, seeds, self-watering irrigation system that uses a reverse osmosis system with recycled water from rain barrels.
  • 5% donated to Buddhist Temples in the South East.
  • 2% of e-commerce proceeds to benefit women seeking college degrees in business or research development for renewable resource.